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Testimonials: Testimonials

'Samantha is an awesome mentor and coach. She provided me with the most amazing coaching experience that took me out of my comfort zone, empowered me and enabled me to solve a problem that I was finding difficult to overcome. Through her guidance and questioning I was able to reach a solution that brought long-lasting benefits to me personally and certainly in my professional capacity and role as a Careers Leader. I found her approach to be extremely invaluable and supportive. Her approach, personality and calming tones enabled me to view what I considered to be a barrier in a different way, which then allowed me to identify a range of solutions, which I have embedded in my practice. I wholeheartedly believe that without Samantha’s guidance and approach I would not have overcome the barrier. She immediately understood my needs, personality type and motivation, which are clear signs of her amazing training and expertise. I was blown away with her knowledge and understanding of people and what makes them tick. She provided the support and guidance that I absolutely needed and has transformed my thinking. I highly recommend Samantha as a coach!"

Dr Claudette Bailey-Morrissey

"Sam, it was genuinely amazing. You helped me realize one of the biggest challenges I have been facing. Obvious now but I had missed it. Your style and approach is excellent."

Co-founder and COO, Florence

“I would not hesitate to recommend Sam as a coach. She has a calm and unassuming approach which is also highly focused and practical. I was most impressed by her attention to my needs and her ability to shape the coaching accordingly."

Richard Ferrier, Software Developer

"I was lucky enough to have some sessions with Samantha. I was really impressed by the impact it had - previously I had been getting quite busy and there were some professional niggles, that I had been really keen at looking at in more depth but never had the time. My sessions with Samantha were a great way to “take the space” (as odd as that sounds), to really look at a problem in detail and objectively. Samantha never provides “answers” - merely asks the right questions so that you can be a better decision maker and look at a problem/solution in a way you can form constructive action points. I went away from every session with simple, actionable points with which I could change my team/working cadence (for the better), and against which I could track progress. Highly recommended."

Evelyn Davies, Director at Kinase

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