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Executive Coaching

Empowering you and your teams


Coaching is a powerful tool that can help you to be the best version of yourself.  We’ll work together to:  

  • Explore and understand what your goals are and enable you to achieve them

  • Identify hidden skills and enable these to be proactively used in everyday activities

  • Increase your confidence  

  • Reconnect you with your true self, helping you to understand your behaviours and adapt these to succeed.

Typically our sessions last for 60 minutes on a fortnightly basis - but this varies from person to person.


If you're a manager, I can work with you and individuals within your team to: 

• Build confidence and enhance skills with new and aspiring leaders
• Improve relationships within the team

• Help with the transition back into the office and support remote working and management ​

• Create solutions for under-performing individuals
• Redefine goals to create success, ensuring long-term fulfilment for both the individual and organisation.

After an initial 3-way meeting to go through our coaching goals, I’ll have one-to-one sessions with the individual lasting for around 60 minutes.  Usually these take place on a fortnightly basis - but again this varies from person to person.

CEOs / Executives

If you're a high performing executive, you'll make a brilliant coachee.  You already have the skills you need to be successful.  By working with me, we'll analyse your behaviours and future goals and really identify and unlock your true self.  I'll help you to explore strategies you've not tried and work with you to challenge yourself and change the way you work, so you can achieve your goals with clarity and confidence.

Typically our sessions last for 60-90 minutes on a monthly basis - but this varies from person to person.

Returning to work / new joiner

If you or a member of your team is returning to work after a period of absence - such as maternity leave or a career break, it can be daunting.  Together, we will

  • Reaffirm individual and organisational priorities 

  • Rebuild confidence 

If you're hiring a new member of staff, particularly if they're not from a similar sector, coaching can help to support their probation period.  Working closely with their manager, we will build a coaching package unique to them.​

Coaching: Packages & Rates
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